Electrical Components of AC Operation

In summary, it can be stated that electric motors of alternating current have some important divisions, all of which are properly normalized and among the most common are the double polarity motor, in which it has the capacity to act in two speeds power output, double-spindle motor, with an output for each side. AC electric motors consist of rotating equipment that run from electrical power. The alternating current electric motor does not require any storage of the same in relation to the power supply and basically acts to rotate a second one.

This type of motorĀ duty motors can be divided basically into two categories, one of the synchronous type and another, of the asynchronous type, and the asynchronous ones have sliding according to the load intensity and are the most found engines in the industries. Other categories among AC motors are three-phase and single-phase motors. The main difference between these two types of power is that it can change the versatility and performance of the motor, since the single phase motors are more limited and need starter capacitors, otherwise they are not capable of overcoming inertia.