Circolo didattico genova sturla

circolo didattico genova sturla

How does a DC motor work?

The electric motor of direct current works based on the principle of reaction of a conductor that is placed in a fixed magnetic field and that is covered by an electric current.

The interaction that occurs between the fixed magnetic field and the magnetic field that is produced by the current that surrounds the conductor is responsible for the occurrence of a force that will circulate in the conductor of the electric motor. This force will drive the conductor out of the fixed magnetic field and thus the motion will be produced.

The electric motor skf qj 308 ma of direct current also has a magnetic field that is formed by the field coils. There are conductors that are installed in this field, in the rotor, and that are driven by electric currents.

The current flowing through the rotor loop of the electric motor moves in two directions, because to one side, the current enters and by the other, it leaves. This causes the formation of two opposing forces, but of equal value, and the result of this will be a conjugate rotation, since the loop is attached to the armature or to the rotor and suspended by a bearing.