Circolo didattico genova sturla

circolo didattico genova sturla

How Electric Motors Work in an Automobile?

Electric motors are basically made up of a set of parts mounted on a metal housing.

An important part of an electric motor is the field coil, which is attached to the housing inside the motor. This coil can be a magnet or an electromagnet. Powered by electric current, the field coil generates a magnetic field around the winding. If we have a natural magnet this field will exist around the induced. Another important piece is the armature, which is the central axis of the engine.

Through graphite brushes that slide into the armature collector there is a current flowing through the armature winding, which creates another magnetic field. The fields of the field coil and the armature combine, attracting and repelling, then, supported in bearings, the armature begins to rotate.

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Electric motors work this way and can be applied to various devices in the car. One of the ends of the armature may either contain a gear for locking a lock, such as containing a pulley or a coupling for engaging the combustion engine, and having a propeller for an internal fan or rotating a mechanism for cleaning the glass for breeze.