While these photographs are certainly surprising and the philosophy behind his work enlightening, Dimitrijevic’s return to Sperone Westwater hardly feels fresh for those who have seen his exhibitions elsewhere. The element of chance is seen in each and every photographic work, but the artist is hardly spontaneous when exploring new outlets. Most of the work seen this month in New York City began in the 1970s at the time of his first solo exhibition there, evidence that Dimitrijevic consistently produced exceptional work for the past forty years..

Hingga bila melihat pokok, telus tembus ke pokok pokok lain, begitu juga bila melihat gunung ganang, pandangan kalbunya boleh menyeberangi ke segala ceruk rimba. Apabila merenung kegelapan malam, dia boleh memandang kelahiran esok pagi bahkan hari hari yang berlalu lama dulu. Apakah pembaca faham atau menerima apa yang difikirkannya, itu persolan lain.

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