Circolo didattico genova sturla

circolo didattico genova sturla

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When it comes to the environment, where the electric motor will operate, it is necessary to take into account some important factors. The main purpose of the operating temperature is to accurately specify the rated temperature or the temperature range at which the engine is designed to operate. Just before an engine starts its operation, its windings should be at the surrounding air temperature, also called ambient temperature. The temperature in the engine may become higher as soon as it is activated.

The combination of ambient temperature and engine baldor CM3107 temperature rise at a nominal load is the same as the maximum winding temperature in the engine. Thus, operating a machine in environments with the highest rated temperature may allow a reduction in the continuous torque of the motor at the same time as it operates in low temperature environments and may require another form of lubrication for the bearings.

The American National Association Manufacturers Association classified the insulation classes to meet all temperature requirements of electric motors, with insulation classes A, B, F, and H.