Circolo didattico genova sturla

circolo didattico genova sturla

Polarization of Coils

Three-phase electric motors rely on certain sequences of terminal numbers to make the necessary connections for proper operation. When these engines are purchased, either from dealers or from the factory, they have an identification and over time, this identification of the product ends up being erased, released or lost. In such cases, reelcraft hose reel it is of utmost importance to know the serial identification not only to identify the motor, but also to polarize the coils or their windings.

Subsequently it is necessary to measure the voltage at terminals three and six, if the first measured voltage value is less than the second, it means that coil number one will be correctly polarized. If the first measured value of voltage is greater than the second one, coil one is with the polarization inverted, being necessary the exchange of the number four with the one in the marking of the coils.

The continuity between the coils are measured by forming three groups marked by sequence numbers. For the polarization of the three-phase motor coils we must connect the ends or terminals four with five and the terminals one and two must be connected to the source. To connect a multimeter, also known as an alternating voltage scale, to terminals three and six, so that the voltage and its value can be measured.