Power Processes of Electrical Devices

It can be stated that the main ways of connecting motors of different types for operation on more than one voltage are the serial-parallel connection, in which the winding of each phase is divided into two parts, emphasizing that the number of poles is always even, so this type of connection is always feasible. Most motors are supplied with different types of connection so that they are properly capable of operating properly in networks of at least two different voltages. By connecting the two halves in series, each half will have half the rated phase voltage of the electric motor.

Thus, by operating the two halves in parallel, the motor can be supplied with a voltage equal to at least half of the voltage of the previous condition, without a change in the voltage applied to each coil. This type of connection requires nine terminals on the motor and the dual nominal voltage, with 220/440 V being more common, so the motor is switched on at the parallel connection if it is supplied with 220V and the series connection if properly powered at 440V. It is important to check the normal numbering of the terminals as well as the wiring diagrams for these types of motors. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/explosion-proof-motors/699900_em7044t_baldor/