Circolo didattico genova sturla

circolo didattico genova sturla

Stationary or Rotating Field

The rotating or stationary field of the field of rotating electric machines will in fact depend on the adopted reference system. When we observe the induction of a synchronous machine with rotating inductor, the field of this machine is rotating, but when we observe the inductor (rotor), the field is stationary. The simplest ways of producing rotating fields can be synthesized in the use of rotating monophasic windings fed by a direct current.

A rotating magnetic field is based on the operating principle of the induction machine and this field is produced in the following way, a set of three independent coils, offset 120 ° in space, is placed in the stator slots and circulated by these three-phase lagged current coils of 120 ° in time.  Boston Gear DUTF

These windings can be located in synchronous motors and generators and in asynchronous machines. When fed by polyphase currents, they produce magnetic poles that move relative to the windings themselves that originated them. For the three-phase induction motor (MIT) the rotating field is caused by balanced three-phase currents from a three-phase supply network. For better understanding, we must consider three different instants to verify the behavior of the field produced by the armature (stator).